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Zero One Technology’s mission is to become a leading company in the networking industry. To meet this goal we are devoting substantial resources to R&D and developing the know-how to meet every type of network requirement and to offer our customers added value in the networking field.

Zero One Technology’s networking products such as print servers and routers have not only won numerous awards in domestic and overseas exhibitions under our own name, but we have also gained much OEM/ODM experience in other parts of the world. Our market reach includes the U.S.A, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. In addition, our distribution business has won many awards from international brand name corporations such as Microsoft, Cisco, Symantec, D-Link, and IBM, which is proof of our ability to do a superior job of distribution in Taiwan.

In 2007, we are announcing an innovative VoIP telecom solution for enterprise. It immediately upgrades the traditional telephone/PBX system to VoIP communication. No matter it is for enterprise inter-branch offices using, or for suppliers' B2B communication, or for Web Call Center. It is most user-friendly experience, practical investment, and private communication. We also develop a Skype killer application called Skype / SIP digital SoftSwitch for IP PBX then enterprise can securely separate their SIP VoIP networks from the outside Skype World, and benefit from digital voice quality, improved network security and availability.

Our prospects are bright as we develop more advanced applications for VoIP, broadband related products and network security system. Our solid R&D team experienced managerial staff are prepared to meet the ever changing IT environment. Excellent products, advanced technologies, leading R&D, more comprehensive services, and new globalizing strategies will ensure Zero One Technology’s continuing future success.

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